Collaborations & Funding Support


  • Promoting Behaviour Change for Low Carbon Energy Access Technologies – Clean Cooking


  • Urban Form and Extreme Precipitation Events: Are Compact Cities More Vulnerable to Flooding?

  • Effects of Real Estate Undercurrents On Urban Forms And Its Emergence As Growth Machine In Indian Cities. Study Area Mumbai

  • Designing Immersive Virtual Environments(Ives) To Promote Environmental Attitudes and Pro-Environmental Behavior (PEBs) In Educational Campus

  • Frontier of Advanced Science and Technology (FAST), Centre for Excellence in Urban Science and Engineering

  • Mumbai Transformation - Solid Waste Management


  • Smart Sensor Deployment in Buildings: Evacuation Planning and Energy Management

  • Smart Energy Management in Buildings (IPHEE)



  • Occupant behaviour and thermal comfort in Indian affordable housing


  • Wind patterns analysis in low-income housing for thermal comfort

  • Quality of life in low-income housing of Mumbai


  • Wind tunnel tests for validating low-income housing designs

Student exchange project:

  • Urban heat stress in high-density cities