• Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) International Development, Arts & Humanities Research Council Filming Energy Research Network (FERN) in India and South Africa

  • CamPo - 10 questions on Slum rehabilitation Housing, University of Cambridge, UK and Sciences Po, France

  • Issac Newton Trust - Energy Transition Small Grants – Energy Transition in transitional housing



  • Charles Wallace India Trust, UK: Well-being and domestic energy decision-making in of slum rehabilitation housing in India.

  • British Academy, UK: Gender norms and identities in energy and adaption of new technologies in low cost housing in India

  • Precourt Institute for Energy - Stanford University, USA: Assessing the energy efficiency, renewable energy potential and human burdens of informal settlement redevelopment in Mumbai, India


  • National Science Foundation, USA :Building Informatics: utilizing data-driven methodologies to enable sustainability planning of urban building systems

  • MIT-TATA center, USA: Improved Indoor Air Quality in Dharavi in Mumbai, India

  • Mumbai Metropolitan Region – Environment Improvement Society (MMR-EIS), India: Relationship between Structural Factors and the prevalence and pattern of Tuberculosis in Slum Rehabilitation Buildings

  • Department of Science & Technology, India: Network Science for Urban Engineering

  • Department of Science & Technology, India: Smart Sensor Deployment in Buildings: Evacuation Planning and Energy Management

  • Department of Science and Technology, India: Smart Energy Management in Buildings (IPHEE)


  • IRCC-IITB Seed Grant: Energy efficiency habitat toolkit: A case study of Mumbai, India

  • IUSSTF-DST BHAVAN Fellowship: Building energy efficiency in slums


  • Ministry of Human Resources, India: Urban Form and Extreme Precipitation Events: Are Compact Cities More Vulnerable to Flooding?

  • Ministry of Human Resources, India: Effects of Real Estate Undercurrents On Urban Forms And Its Emergence As Growth Machine In Indian Cities. Study Area Mumbai

  • Ministry of Human Resources, India: Designing Immersive Virtual Environments(Ives) To Promote Environmental Attitudes and Pro-Environmental Behavior (PEBs) In Educational Campus

  • Ministry of Human Resources, India: Frontier of Advanced Science and Technology (FAST), Centre for Excellence in Urban Science and Engineering

  • Ministry of Human Resources, India: Mumbai Transformation - Solid Waste Management