Dr. Ronita Bardhan

Educator | Urban Scientist| Architect-Planner


PhD researchers

Jiayu Pan (University of Cambridge)

PhD Thesis title: Redesigning interior spaces to accommodate social distancing for the rare events

I-Dec Goh (University of Cambridge)

PhD Thesis title: Objectification of Design Through Machine Learning-An unbiased deep generative framework for architectural design

Tianning Shao (University of Cambridge)

PhD Thesis title: Thermal comfort and social warmth


2022 - Dr Nikhil Kumar (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Passive Design Strategies for Improving Natural Ventilation in Affordable Housing of Global South: A Case of Mumbai

2021 - Dr Kshetrimayum Bangkim Singh (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Well-being in low-income affordable housing of India

2021-Dr Jeetika Malik (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Thermal comfort and occupant behaviour in climate zones of India

2021-Dr Solanki Ghosh (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Effects of urban form design on cognitive image and travel behavior

2020-Dr Ahana Sarkar (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Indoor design heuristics for better indoor air quality in low-income housing

2020-Dr Sathya Kumar V (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Integrating Remote Sensing and Social Science- Evaluation of Quality of Life in Mumbai City

2018-Dr Surabhi Mehrotra (IIT Bombay) - PhD Thesis title: Thermal profile variation in heterogeneous Urban Forms: Empirical evidence from Mumbai - Current position: Assistant Professor, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India

2019-Justin Lueker (MIT) - MTech - Exploring Mechanisms for Improved Air Quality in Mumbai Resettlement Dwellings: Evidence from Fieldwork and Simulation - Current position: Sustainability Consultant · ‎Arup

2019-Chetana Kothari (IIT Bombay) - Research Assistant - CINEGENUS Project

2018-Upadhi Vijay (IIT Bombay) - Research Assistant - Research title: Energy demand management in to-be build cities - Current position: Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley, USA

2017-Subhajit Bandopadhyay (IIT Bombay) - Research Assitant - Research title: Climate resilient urban forms concerning flood and urban greening - Current position: PhD Candidate, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland